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Why Choose DIA San Antonio?

  • Experience: 25,000+ dental implants
  • Board Certified Implant Surgeons
  • 99.13% Published Implant Success Rate
  • All Work Done in One Location
  • On-Site Dental Laboratory

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San Antonio Dental
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  • DIA  Teeth-in-a-Day Patient

"I was able to get both arches replaced the same day"

What our patients say

"I am smiling from ear to ear! I love my implant teeth! Thank you DIA! Danny, you always put me at ease when I was here in the office. Dr. Gonzalez, you have a gift for surgery and I always enjoyed seeing you. To the front desk team of Alicia and Maribel, you are so helpful and always friendly. To the DIA lab, you did an amazing job making my teeth. It was so nice to be able to see the entire team each time I came to the office. That was very important to me. It made me feel like I was really being taken care of as a person and not just a number. Keep up the good work!"
"To all of the doctors and staff at DIA, thank you! You are incredible. For 32 years, I lived with an upper plate. I had lived with that hunk of plastic in mouth for so long that I forgot what it was like to feel the roof of my mouth. I forgot how food tasted without a denture getting in the way. Now that I finally have my implants, my eyes have been opened to what is possible in my life! No more denture. I honestly cannot believe it. The denture was a part of my life for so long that I never really knew what I was missing. My tongue has so much more room to move without the plate on the roof of my mouth. Food tastes completely different (better!) without a denture. My confidence has gone through the roof! I feel like a new person! You are very special people and I am so glad that I found DIA. You have given me back my life. For that, I thank you."
"Dr. Gonzalez and his team at DIA are miracle workers! I went to 4 other dental offices and each one told me that my situation was hopeless. They all told me that I did not have enough bone for dental implants. When I went to DIA, they did a catscan and when Dr. Gonzalez looked at it he told me that he could do my implants with special ones that anchored into my cheek bones. He said these were harder implants and that most offices don’t do them but that he and DIA did these kind of implants on a regular basis. I had the surgery done about 6 months ago and I walked out of the office with implant teeth on that same day! I was amazed. Every other office told me that nothing could be done, but DIA was able to get it done! The healing from the surgery was much easier than I anticipated. I just got my permanent set of teeth the other day and I really could not believe it. To think that for years all I ever heard was that nothing was possible and now I have real teeth thanks to DIA. I am forever grateful to DIA and Dr. Gonzalez."
"Five stars! DIA dental delivered on all promises. Financing help, check. Nice people, check. Skilled surgeons, check. Keeping me asleep during my surgery, check. Great results, check. I am one happy patient! -Tom"

Meet Our Team

Dr Holtzclaw - Dental Implant Center
  • Dr. Holtzclaw
  • Dr. Gonzalez
  • Dr. Gonzales

Signature Services

With over 2000 full arch cases completed at an enviable success rate of 99 percent, we’re the ones to trust with your full arch dental implants. Our Teeth-in-a-Day process will allow you to eat your favorite foods, speak naturally, and smile broadly even after a single appointment. Say goodbye to decayed or missing teeth. Our seasoned professionals are ready to help you begin a better life with Teeth-in-Day, the top teeth replacement option.

With the distinct advantage of multiple certified IV sedation clinicians on staff, we always have sedation services available. Our practice has been able to provide sedation for over 40,000 treatment cases, helping patients overcome dental anxiety and be more comfortable during procedures. Our own Dr. Holtzclaw published one of the largest research articles on IV sedation and periodontal surgery, upon which many dental institutions base their own training.

All we do is dental implants and procedures that enable us to place dental implants—and we do all of them with excellence right here in our office. We even handle aspects of dental implants that few other practices do, fabricating our own restorations in our in-house lab. Not only does this allow us to ensure they are of the highest quality, it means you don’t have to wait for them to come back from another lab across the country.

See the difference dental implant expertise can make.

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