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How Do We Calculate Your Dental Implant Cost?

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The Benefits Are Priceless

Bad teeth and missing teeth can cause you a lot of problems. They make eating and speaking a challenge, social interactions awkward, and give you a reason not to smile. Both can compromise your dental health and, in the case of extensive decay, even your general health. Considering this, the cost of not getting dental implants is very high. When you understand that dental implants can last a lifetime, giving you a better quality of life along the way, it’s challenging to estimate their real value. Read on for a few specific factors involved in calculating your dental implant cost, or better yet, contact us to set up a free consultation!

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Dental Implant Cost FAQ

We charge a flat rate for full arch dental implants, which typically include four posts per arch. If you need additional posts to stabilize your restorations within your jaw, there’s no additional cost to you. You won’t find a flat dental implant cost at other practices!

Yes! For a limited time, we offer $500 off of your dental implant cost. In addition, we offer full arch dental implants starting at just $15,995 per arch.

Yes! IV sedation is complimentary with all dental implant procedures. We also offer free consultations, including a CT scan and clinical exam, with no obligation.

There are a few procedures that carry separate charges but are only required in specific circumstances. We will need to extract any unsalvageable teeth that are preventing us from placing your dental implants. When your jawbone has deteriorated to the point that it won’t support dental implants, we can restore it through bone grafting, a procedure that involves placing bone particles from a donor source into the area of decay and allowing it to heal. In addition, if your jawbone deterioration has caused your sinuses to collapse, we can restore them with bone grafts in a procedure called a sinus lift.

If you’re doing individual implants, there is a per-implant cost. However, full arch dental implant procedures have an all-inclusive, flat price for the implants themselves. The price is the same, whether you need four or six posts.

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Visit us for a free, personalized consultation with one of our doctors and get your free CT scan and clinical examination. This will give you the chance to get your questions about dental implants answered by a doctor who genuinely cares about your needs and will take the time to make you feel comfortable with the dental implant process, not a high-pressure salesperson. We’ll be able to give you an estimate of your total dental implant cost during the same visit.

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